Privacy Policy

Consent to personal data processing

Valid from the 11th of May 2020

UAB “ELDES” (hereinafter – ELDES) (code of legal entity: 300134714, registered address Ukmergės str. 283B-3, Vilnius, Lithuania) will collect your personal data in order to provide you with Eldes Academy online courses.

ELDES ensures security of your personal data by implementing security means which are required by the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other legal requirements as well as best industry standards. ELDES employees who are handling your personal data have sufficient skills and knowledge, required to process personal data safely, furthermore, they are obliged to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data. Your personal data will not be transferred to any third parties, without your prior consent or other legal basis established in laws.

All personal information will be stored no longer than necessary to provide you with Eldes Academy online courses and comply with legal obligations under applicable laws. Once your personal information is no longer necessary to achieve the said purposes, it will be deleted.

We inform you that in accordance with the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data you have the right to access to your personal data and familiarize with the processing of your personal data, as well as to demand rectification or destruction of your personal data or restriction of further processing of your personal data, with the exception of storage, where the data are processed not

in compliance with the provisions of the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data and other laws, and other data subjects rights established in the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data.

When it comes to exercising the right to access your personal data, you may approach ELDES and obtain information pertaining to the types of the personal data we have collected, the purposes of personal data processing, the recipients of the personal data for the past year. This information shall be made available after your identity has been established by personnel of ELDES. Having received an inquiry regarding the processing of personal data, ELDES shall reply as to whether the related personal data are being processed and shall furnish you with the personal data requested within next 30 (thirty) days from the date of the first inquiry. Upon the request, such personal data shall be disclosed in writing and shall be made available free of charge once per one calendar year. Any charges applicable to issuing the aforementioned personal data shall not exceed the costs for ELDES to disclose the personal data.

If, after accessing personal data you find the personal data to be in error, incomplete or incorrect, you may contact ELDES, which shall immediately check the personal data and shall correct any erroneous, incomplete or incorrect personal data as per your request and/or shall suspend any actions related to the processing of such personal data other than storage thereof. ELDES shall notify you immediately of personal data correction, destruction or suspension of personal data processing actions done or not done on the basis of your request. The personal data shall be corrected and destroyed or personal data processing actions shall be suspended and other rights of data subject shall be executed on the basis of documents evidencing the identity of the data subject and their personal data, upon receiving the data subject’s application.

For aforementioned purposes ELDES will process following personal information:

1. Email address (mandatory);
2. First name, Last name (mandatory);
3. Phone number (optional);
4. Country (optional);
5. Occupation (optional).

Email address, first, last name has to be provided to ELDES by you. All mandatory information is necessary for orderly functioning of Eldes Academy online courses and sertification, therefore if you do not provide ELDES with mandatory information and object to processing of mandatory personal data ELDES will be unable to provide you with the best services.

The listed data will also be used for these purposes - conducting surveys, informing about product changes and updates, invitations for trainings and other events.

Your personal data also can be stored for direct marketing purpose. Direct marketing – an activity intended for offering goods or services to individuals by direct means and/or inquiring their opinion about the offered goods or services.

In order to receive discounted proposals your personal data can be transfered to the Local Distributor of ELDES production.

In case you have any other questions contact us by phone +370 5 2030048 or by email

I agree with processing of my personal data.