Wait&Go – a unique customers and workers protection. We dare to care!

Wait&go is the multi solution to keep your workers and clients safe. It’s what we care about the most! Wait&go can be described as a helping hand for business to deal with issues like clients safety, healthcare and customer flow control. After a few months of unseen isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us feel the urge to keep it as safe as possible, to stay healthy and fit.

The binding of social distancing hurt us more than anyone could think it would. On the other hand, it has made us a huge favor and strengthen our bonds with the loved ones, – the family and friends, making caring common. But it definitely took away our usual leisure time habits like chilling in a café with a warm drink and a tasty croissant; left all our shopping ideas in the closet; forced us to skip on a haircut for a while and canceled (postponed, delayed) many other activities that we regularly prefer.

In spite of all the happening, ELDES team continues to focus on smart safety&security solutions and intents to foresee things. Our company is based in Lithuania, the country we utterly care about as much as the rest of the world. So it should be no surprise that the continuous and safe business comes first. That is why we are pushing forward this relevant solution, which could be the response to any kind of safety issues in your facility. Easy and convenient innovation to keep everyone safe and secure.

Without further ado, we present you our newest creation – Wait&Go. Protect your visitors and the entire working staff. Let there be peace of mind at your place, all the time!

Why the business world needs Wait&Go?

It seems obvious that the world has been affected. Now, in order to make a strong comeback to our usual routines, we must take care of our customers’ and workers’ well being. It is necessary to follow the government’s rules&guidelines on how to handle the customer flow and the distance between people.

No business environment wish to be affected by the virus, neither to get the first COVID-19 case confirmed nor to spread the negative word about such an occurrence. To make sure you’re protected, we deliver the newest solution which will allow to work safely and provide services as usual. We offer a all-around protection kit, which will help to control the entry pass of your customers, secure the object and cut your expenses at once!

Solution that suits your business

Wait&Go appliance is ready for a workspace of any industry: barber’s, beauty and flower shops, cafés, gas stations, repair facilities, swimming and fitness centers, various types of trades and stores, social welfare institutions and offices of any kind!

Wait&Go – single installation, many possibilities 

The modern safety&security solution includes 3 main features:

  1. Covers of the customer flow issue and helps businesses to get back on track after COVID-19;
  2. Offers automatic door locking if precise entrance control is required;
  3. Turns into a reliable alarm system when the work shift is over.

Find a certified ELDES alarm system installer to help you with the selected automation solution, which will help to control lights, adjust heating and air quality, open or close garage or warehouse doors, look after the territory entrance gates and take care of a similar electrical stuff (appliances, equipment). As you already know, everything can be easily managed by a handsome KeyBoB or via ELDES Security app.