Where does Pitbull Alarm Pro perfectly fits?

The most compact standalone alarm system and the easiest to install. The device is designed for properties up to 150 m2 and meant to perfectly protect not only your lovely house, but also small business objects, summer houses and other distant objects, owned and rental apartments or even motor homes. As well it suits for home garages, various types of storage (like warehouses), saunas, etc. To put it simple, – the security device is a perfect fit to cover all your security needs. Besides protecting your possessions, PITBULL ALARM PRO brings the remote control feature, accessible via our smart tool – ELDES Security App!

Zero touch installation – easy as 1-2-3!

It has never been so easy to install the alarm system. No cables, no cords, – all plain and simple. Take these steps:

1. Send PITBULL ALARM PRO to your client.
2. Call to device number from your phone. You’ve just become the main administrator of the system!
3. Configure PITBULL ALARM PRO via ELDES Utility software from anywhere (even if you are chilling on your sofa).

That’s it! The alarm system is ready for work. Share the login details with your client and recommend him to use various system control methods.

Swift and compact security system

Pitbull Alarm PRO is a unique security solution in a body of a motion sensor. Apart from its compact size and quick installation ability, the system also has an unseen wireless signal range of 3 km*, a pair of SIM card slots to support a permanent connectivity and a wise, pet-immune motion sensor (with immunity to animals for up to 40 kilo). Additionally, the device is equipped with the temperature sensor, the integrated microphone and the backup battery (lasting 24 hours), allowing the system to stay fully functional if loss of electricity happens. Moreover, it is possible to connect Pitbull Alarm Pro to a private security company via CMS (depends on client’s location).

*in open areas

Make the most of your alarm system

Pitbull Alarm PRO supports up to 16 wireless devices: fire and water leak protection, door and window contacts, motion sensors, indoor and outdoor sirens and other devices. This bunch of accessories will definitely satisfy your client’s requirements to create a safest place, leaving no space for security breach.

Multiple ways to control

There are plenty of ways how you can control your ELDES alarm system. The only must-do is to choose your favorite: it might be the splendid ELDES Security App, the smooth KeyBoB (the best ELDES key fob), the tangible touchpad EWKB5, or those quite familiar SMS and phone call methods. Take the authority into your hands.